Toyota Hilux: First Drive Review

Toyota Hilux: First Drive Review

The Toyota Hilux’s reputation precedes itself.

It might not sell in the numbers that some North American trucks do,

but it is universally recognised as a reliable

pick-up truck that can take you to the corners of the world.

. Whether it’s the Taliban mounting machine guns in its bed,

insurgents in North Africa waging wars with it in the desert,

or even conservationists using at as

their vehicle of choice in ecologically sensitive areas,

the Hilux consistently finds itself in applications

that most SUVs simply can’t take on

. The nameplate itself has been around for decades now,

and judging by the sheer number of perfectly preserved specimens in some of the harshest conditions on Earth

a Hilux is clearly builed to last. In India,

the Toyota Hilux is offered solely as a dual cab pick-up truck.

And that isn’t a bad thing at all,

given its positioning in the country.