Google engineer warns it could lose out to open-source technology in AI race

Commonly available software poses threat to tech company and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, leaked document says

Google has been warned by one of its engineers that

the company is not in a position to win the artificial intelligence race and could lose out to commonly available AI technology.

A document from a Google engineer leaked online said

the company had done “a lot of looking over our shoulders at OpenAI

, referring to the developer of

the ChatGPT chatbot.

However, the worker,

identified by Bloomberg as a senior software engineer, wrote that neither company was in a winning position.

The uncomfortable truth is

, we aren’t positioned to win this arms race and neither is OpenAI.

While we’ve been squabbling, a third faction has been quietly eating our lunch,”

the engineer wrote.

The engineer went on to state that the “third faction”

posing a competitive threat to Google and OpenAI was the open-source community.

Open-source technology developers are anyone to use,

not proprietorial and release their work for improve or adapt as they see fit. Historical examples of open-source work include the Linux operating system and LibreOffice, an alternative to Microsoft Office.

The Google engineer said open-source

AI developers were “already lapping us”,