Apple iPhone 14/14 Pro tips and tricks:

16 great iOS 16 features to try

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With the iPhone 14 series and iOS 16,

Apple has brought a whole load of new features. Check out our favourites here!

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With new iPhones come new features.

For 2022,

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that came in form of iOS 16 running on

the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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If you've upgraded to one of

the latest models at any point since they launched towards the end last year

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there's plenty built-in worth getting stuck in to.

We've picked a few of the features that we think are most useful

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or just handy - to know.

Watch the video below if you want it in that form, or read on for a written guide.

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1. Turn off the always-on display (14 Pro only)

The iPhone 14 Pro has an always-on display feature that dims

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the wallpaper and highlights the clock.

It's enabled by default, but you may find it's not that useful

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